TV Licensing

Make sure you’re correctly licensed, Tamworth and Lichfield businesses urged

Tamworth and Lichfield for Business has been working with TV Licensing to help businesses stay on the right side of the law.

Many businesses have workers who watch TV at their desks - big sporting events for example - and TV Licensing is working to ensure those businesses are aware of the circumstances when they have a legal responsibility to have a TV Licence

Anyone watching or recording TV programmes as they are shown on TV, or watching or downloading BBC programmes on iPlayer needs to be covered by a licence. This is the case whether you are receiving the programmes via TV or any other device, such as a mobile phone or a PC.

TV Licensing has produced a Workplace Viewing Guide which provides simple guidance for workplace leaders and staff who want to allow their employees to watch TV at work.

Did you know that you can be fined up to £1,000 if you are caught watching TV without a licence? Business owners and managers should visit and download the Workplace Viewing Guide for display in a prominent part of the workplace, so everyone is clear when a licence is needed.

An individual's licence for their home address covers them to watch live TV on any equipment away from your address as long as it is powered by batteries. If you plug it in to the mains, you need to be covered by a licence at the place you are using it.

TV Licensing would always prefer businesses to be properly licensed rather than risk prosecution, which is why we make it as easy as possible to pay and work hard to ensure people are aware of their licensing requirements. Unfortunately some people still try to avoid paying for a TV Licence when they need one, and we will always enforce the law on behalf of the honest majority who do pay.

We also appreciate that some businesses may have multiple sites. It's possible to apply for a TV Licence that covers a number of accommodation or mobile units. You can find out more here: Hotels, hostels, mobile units and campsites Hospitality areas To license more than one address with a Company Group TV Licence, please call 0300 790 6165.

Businesses who are not correctly licensed run the risk of a fine of up to £1,000, plus costs - and they'd still need to buy a licence if one was required.

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Ways to pay

A single TV Licence costs £147. You can pay in one go or spread the cost quarterly, monthly or weekly.

A standard colour TV Licence costs £147. This covers you to watch or record live TV programmes on any channel, and to download or watch BBC programmes on iPlayer. This applies to any device or provider you use.

We understand every business budgets differently, so we offer a number of methods to help you pay quickly and easily, in a way that suits you.

Businesses can pay by Direct Debit monthly, quarterly or annually. You can also pay for your TV Licence in full, quickly and securely with an electronic transfer (BACS) from your bank or building society.

Working in partnership

Matt Fletcher, Senior Economic Development and Regeneration Officer at Tamworth and Lichfield For Business, said: "Tamworth and Lichfield For Business offers free business advice to companies in and around Tamworth and Lichfield, and as part of that we work in partnership with a number of organisations, one of which is TV Licensing. We see it as part of our role to keep businesses up to speed across a range of issues, and in a world where people can watch TV on so many devices and at any time of day or night, as we are happy to get this important message across in respect of businesses being correctly licensed."

Mark Whitehouse, from TV Licensing's community relations team in the West Midlands, said: "Matt and his team provide whole packages of support, including around finance, and though £147 is not a huge amount of businesses over the course of a year, it makes sense to build it into a budget, as well as checking that you're on the right side of the law when it comes to watching TV in the workplace."