Preparing your business for Brexit

Is your business Brexit-ready? For advice and guidance understanding how Brexit may affect your business and to know how to plan and prepare for it please visit the webpages below which have been developed by our partners.

Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce has a free Business Brexit Health Check tool, which will give you a personalised report on how Brexit may affect your business. To access the Brexit Health Check tool please click here.

The Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce webpage will also provide you information on:

  • Preparing your business for Brexit
  • Brexit negotiations update
  • Brexit questions and answers
  • How can the Chamber support my business

To view the webpage please click here.

Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce

Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce have developed the BResilience website to provide companies with information, resources and a detailed checklist to help understand the issues surrounding international trade after Brexit. It is also a resource with the latest news and details on how they can help you plan your international business needs post-Brexit, at both the operational and boardroom levels.

To visit the page please click here Prepare your business for the UK leaving the EU

The website has a quick, simple questionnaire which can help provide guidance relevant to your business. 
The questionnaire will help you find out:

  • What your business may need to do to prepare for the UK leaving the EU
  • What’s changing in your industry
  • Information on specific rules and regulations

Further information can be found here.


DEFRA powerpoint presentationDepartment for Environment and Rural Affairs (DEFRA)

Follow this link to a useful Powerpoint presentation on preparing businesses for EU Exit


British Chambers of Commerce

The British Chambers of Commerce have developed a webpage intended to distill the complexity of the political process, and assess what the negotiations and agreements mean in practical terms for businesses.

The webpage has several topics including:

  • Unanswered questions on no deal
  • Brexit Agreement FAQs
  • Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration Analysis
  • Brexit: 24 practical questions that businesses need answers to
  • Business Brexit Checklist

Further information can be found here.

Federation of Small Businesses: Small Business Brexit Pack

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) have created a webpage identifying what smaller businesses should be thinking about by setting out some of the possible scenarios as a result of Brexit.

The FSB feels it has a responsibility to help smaller businesses:

  1. Understand the withdrawal agreement including EU Commission and UK government 'backstop' propositions to avoid a hard border on the Island of Ireland;
  2. Understand the range of 'end state' scenarios that are possible including:
    • No deal (with no transition period)
    • Free Trade Agreement (FTA)
    • Association Agreement (Chequers)
    • European Economic Area (EEA)
    • European Free Trade Association (EFTA) / Switzerland
  3. Prepare for the scenario that would cause the most disruption to the business continuity of small businesses in the short to medium term.

The FSB has also created a document which sets out some of the possible scenarios as a result of Brexit, particularly for businesses that are:

  • Trading with the EU, either directly or indirectly via their involvement in cross border supply chains;
  • Employing EU 27 staff or undertaking 'business' within the EU 27 which may be particularly relevant to 'exporters' of services;
  • In direct receipt of EU funding;
  • Trading locally (i.e within the UK) that do not rely on EU workforce or are (in)directly involved in a supply chain

Further information can be found here.